FSC Anti-Piracy Action Program Adds Porn Guardian to its Team

February 3, 2011

FSC has partnered with Porn-Guardian to expand services provided in its Anti-Piracy Action Program (APAP).

“From the beginning, FSC’s Anti-Piracy Action Program has concentrated on providing a comprehensive plan that is user-friendly and adaptive to the needs of the content provider. In 2010, we successfully focused on a strategy that targeted tubesites,” FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “We have had incredible success in that endeavor and now we are increasing our attack on piracy to include P2P infringements.”

In 2010, APAP developed and implemented a system that effectively deals with tube sites. In 2011, FSC will add the services of Porn Guardian in order to expand the types of piracy the program addresses.

Porn Guardian combines technology and human review to identify and remove infringement from file-trading locations including cyberlockers, such as Rapidshare, FileMonster, and MegaUpload and many others; link-trading sites such as Yahoo groups, user groups, linking sites and blogs; and P2P environments such as BitTorrent and eDonkey.

“We are thrilled by the expanded suite of services this partnership will provide to clients,” Porn Guardian’s Peter Phinney said. “With Porn Guardian’s expertise in peer-to-peer sharing and cyberlocker up-and-downloads, bundled with APAP’s extraordinarily effective solution to the unique problem of tube sites, clients now are protected against every major current piracy problem and also positioned to deal with emerging technologies we see evolving on the horizon.”

Representatives from both FSC APAP and Porn Guardian will attend the upcoming Content Protection Retreat hosted by Pink Visual, to be held February 6-7, at the Sofitel Hotel located in Beverly Hills, CA.

“We are thrilled to be working with Porn Guardian their services and approach will work well with the program we have already established,” Duke added.

Porn Guardian’s Dominic Ford said, “Porn Guardian is the industry’s best defense against cyberlockers, and APAP is the best solution for combating tube sites. Combined, FSC now has a total solution for its members. We are thrilled to be working with the Free Speech Coalition and look forward to helping the industry in this fight against piracy.”


A Year of Extraordinary Support From Extraordinary People

February 3, 2011

As 2010 closed, we put yet another recessionary year behind us I have to say, it had been one hell of a year. Dot XXX has crept back into existence like a zombie from the “Night of the Living Dead.” Megalomaniac Mike Weinstein from AIDS Healthcare Foundation set his sights on the adult entertainment industry utilizing CalOSHA as his weapon of mass destruction. And the industry has come together as never before to confront copyright infringement, once again showing that we can be the leader when it comes to embracing technology for business solutions.

Not a week goes by without someone calling me up and asking, “So, how ya holdin’ up?” mindful that the industry is struggling and, as businesses consolidate or fail, our revenue stream will be negatively impacted. True, finances are tight and we are watching every penny, but it feels as if FSC is more relevant to the industry today than ever before. We have had a significant impact on the direction of ICM’s .XXX. We have launched a solid defense in the negotiations with CalOSHA, more often than not being the voice of reason in the room. Working with key industry members we have launched an industry-wide attack on copyright infringement while opening up potential streams for new revenue. And, we are still in the trenches trying to provide some relief from the onerous restrictions of 2257. Yes, I believe we are more relevant today than ever before — and we have our members to thank, including some extraordinary people who have supported FSC like never before.

Dan and Moose from Girlfriend Films are regulars at the CalOSHA meetings providing valuable input and moral support, as well as a generous donation to help offset the cost of the special lobbyist we hired to help with CalOSHA. The folks at Hustler not only made a generous donation, but also threw a fundraiser for FSC at the Whisky a Go Go. I got a call from John Sander at Kink.com saying that he and Peter appreciated the work FSC was doing around .XXX and CalOSHA and wanted to donate. Colin Rowntree and Angie his wife made a generous donation to help us with .XXX, AND then went on to work with Theresa Reed (who also made a donation) to create a kick-ass parody video around .XXX. Allison Vivas and the folks at Pink Visual organized and implemented the Content Protection Retreat helping FSC promote the Anti-Piracy Action Program (APAP) and creating a top-notch website to support the program. Joone from Digital Playground and Keith from Titan Media have been instrumental in testing our APAP and spreading the word of its success. Director Michael Whiteacre also volunteered his time and resources to create the APAP public services announcements, which have generated more than 700,000 views on YouTube and featured adult performers reaching out to consumers with the anti-piracy message. Susan Colvin, Scott Tucker, Ron Braverman and some of the other founders have helped considerably with our 2257 efforts, and Sid Grief from AAA News has supported 2257 as well. We owe our brand and website development to Tim Valenti and the folks at Nakedsword/Cubik. And there are more, so many more.

So as 2011 begins, I reflect on last year and I’m thankful. I am fortunate to be working in this alternative industry with some of the best people on the planet. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for your support and for the honor of being able to serve you another year. – dd

(Photo: Some rights reserved by Ellie)

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