Los Angeles “Safer Sex in Adult Films” Working Group Submits Enforcement Plan to City Administrator, Media

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) today received a copy of the 47-page report outlining recommendations for enforcement of the mandatory condom ordinance for adult productions.

In a time when multiple California cities are going bankrupt, LA itself has a significant budgetary problem and city services are being cut drastically, I find it unconscionable that the City would create a new bureaucracy to monitor condoms on adult film performers,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “What’s even more ridiculous is that there hasn’t been a transmission of HIV on an adult set—nationwide—in over eight years.”

The report, which is extensive, was developed from information supplied by the “Safer Sex in Adult Films” Working Group, which was made up of representatives from various local governmental agencies, including film permitting bureau Film LA, the Los Angeles Fire Department, LAPD, L.A. County Public Health (LACPH) Department, City Attorney’s office, County attorneys, and Cal-OSHA, among others.

  • Compliance with current state regulations for blood-borne pathogens exposure, which includes use of condoms and other barrier protection (eye protection, gloves and dental dams).
  • Requiring either a Fire Marshal or licensed healthcare professional to be present on adult production sets to confirm and verify compliance with a signed affidavit.
  • For the City of Los Angeles to initiate an RFP process, to accept bids from outside agencies that would provide inspection personnel.
  • Additional fees for film permitting (anywhere from $2,500 to $3,500 each), to cover the cost of inspectors.
  • Producer must provide company staff with health & safety training and education specific to blood-borne pathogen regulations.

While the report has been sent to the City Administrator’s office in time for yesterday’s deadline for submission, it could be it will be sent for further revision once the City Council has reviewed it.

Currently, an initiative requiring condoms to be used in adult productions will appear on the November Los Angeles County ballot. If passed, it would require a revision of City enforcement protocols to accommodate enforcement throughout all of Los Angeles County.

FSC, the adult industry business alliance, has led the opposition to the adult film condom mandate and will continue to represent the best interests of its members and adult industry businesses.


(Original photo: Courtesy of Public Domain)

One Response to Los Angeles “Safer Sex in Adult Films” Working Group Submits Enforcement Plan to City Administrator, Media

  1. nympha says:

    this law is so intrusive… and so utterly ridiculous!

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