2012 Hustler Walk of Fame Inductions

March 22, 2012

Belladonna gives the crowd a big smile

Tonight, at the Hustler Hollywood’s flagship store, located on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA, the adult industry paid tribute to two beloved stars.

Legendary producer/director and former performer John Stagliano and super adult star Belladonna were inducted into the Hustler Walk of Fame, amidst an exclusive gathering of industry dignitaries and personalities, fans and media. It was a proud occasion for Evil Angel, the company founded by Stagliano and where Belladonna has been a performer/director and a longtime favorite of fans.

Guests enjoyed champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, prior to watching as Stagliano and Belladonna put their handprints into wet cement blocks, which will be placed in the walkway in front of the store, alongside the legends that have already been honored there.

Among the guests last night were three other Walk of Famers: performer Eric Edwards (whose career spanned the ’60s to ’00s), performer and industry historian Bill Margold, and blonde bombshell Sunset Thomas. Other industry personalities present included Karen Stagliano, director Eli Cross, director Jules Jordan, performer Tasha Reign, Hustler President Michael Klein, attorney Paul Cambria, Evil Angel General Manger and FSC Board member Christian Mann, performer Mr. Marcus, and FSC Membership/Communications Director Joanne Cachapero, among others.

Free speech icon Larry Flynt was there to conducted the ceremony with help from his daughter, Hustler Hollywood founder Theresa Flynt. Speaking briefly to those gathered, Theresa said the adult industry is “a big family, and this is how we celebrate.”

Stagliano, who went through a much publicized obscenity trial in 2010, spoke after making his handprints and acknowledged Flynt’s pioneering obscenity battles. Both men have been on the front lines for First Amendment rights and are strong advocates for free speech.

Karen Stagliano and Mr. Marcus

(l to r) Director Jules Jordan, Hustler President Michael Klein and Evil Angel's Christian Mann

Stagliano puts his hands up

Belladonna leaves her handprints in history

Stagliano pointed out his "hitchhiker thumbs" to the audience

Sweetly signed "Bella"

Belladonna and Theresa Flynt

Hall of Famers and friends - (l to r) theater producer David Bertolino, Adult Industry News' Steve Nelson, Walk of Famers Eric Edwards and Bill Margold, and Tanner Edwards

John Stagliano Issues Statement on Pornography Harms, Moralists That Want to Restrict Your First Amendment Rights

February 24, 2011

Legendary Adult Director & Free Speech Advocate John Stagliano

This letter was sent out via PRNewswire today:

Today, noted adult film pioneer and first amendment activist John Stagliano decried the recent attacks on personal liberties by self-styled moral crusaders who are taking their own liberties with the truth about pornography’s impact on society.

This week, the group “Pornography Harms” continued its campaign to ban free speech and adult entertainment through a letter circulated around Capitol Hill with the goal of spurring elected officials into enacting the group’s dangerous agenda. The letter cites worn-out and debunked claims that viewing adult entertainment increases violence towards women and leads to more violent sexual behavior.

Recent statistics show those claims simply are not true. A study from a Clemson University economist showed that violent and sexual crimes have actually decreased as Internet usages have increased. The study’s author found that states whose Internet access expanded the fastest saw rapes and sexual crimes decline the most.

Stagliano said: “We are tired of being slandered. It is apparent that if people are left free to consume pornography, if they so choose, the world is a healthier, less violent place.”

In 2008, the Department of Justice’s Obscenity Prosecution Task Force brought charges against Stagliano in a trial which gained national attention over its free speech implications. In July of 2010, the trial ended in a Judicial Acquittal after the Judge ruled there wasn’t sufficient evidence presented by the prosecution to convict. Groups such as Pornography Harms have lobbied government agencies and elected officials to continue to stifle first amendment/free speech rights through similar prosecutions.

The recent Pornography Harms letter urges readers to donate to Morality in Media, an organization with a long history of First Amendment suppression tactics and alignment with other censorship driven groups. They have frequently used similar outlandish claims and factual distortions as part of their extremist agenda, such as claiming there’s a link between gay marriage and mass killings. If these anti-speech activists are initially successful with their censorship agenda, they won’t stop until they have turned all broadcasts and publications in line with their narrow worldview.

Stagliano concluded, “The only real violence involved is prosecuting someone like me with an obscenity law, a law that you can’t know in advance when you are breaking it.”

About John Stagliano:

John Stagliano is an American entrepreneur, producer, director, and writer who founded and owns the Evil Angel film studio. He received critical acclaim for his self produced Las Vegas stage show “Fashionistas” and is well known for his contributions and work with the non-partisan libertarian public policy advocate think tank The Reason Foundation. John is widely recognized as having revolutionized the adult film industry. In addition to the many awards for his work, John has been the recipient of numerous awards for his lifelong First Amendment protection efforts, including the Free Speech Coalition Man of the Year and The Reason Foundation’s Flame of Freedom Award.

(Photo: Some rights reserved by Glenn Francis)

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